How To Release Your Music On Any Streaming Platform Or Music Store

If your passion is to make music, then you can make money from it. What used to be a door-to-door venture has now fully gone online. Thankfully, technology has revolutionized the way music makers get to their audience and fans. Many unsigned and independent artists can now get their music easily to any music streaming platform or store. All it takes is to get a good music distribution platform and you can easily sell music online and make lots of money.

Music stores and streaming platforms

Ever since the introduction of Myspace, the way artists and other music makers get their music out there has been transformed. With the development of numerous music streaming platforms, getting your music to consumers all around the world is as simple as following a simple process. You can easily sell your music on Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Soundcloud, Tidal, and so on. These platforms have been developed with smart algorithms to enable the easy distribution of music and a seamless payment process.

Music distribution services for unsigned artists

The unsigned artist has no outlet to get their music heard. A digital music distributor is their only choice of getting heard and becoming signed. If they find a reputable music distributor, then they can easily their music on any music streaming platform or store. The music distribution platform has all the connections to help you get your music on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, iTunes, and so on.

Music distribution services for independent artists

As an independent artist, it is possible that you already have a decent music catalogue. You can easily monetize your entire music catalogue,  make a lot of money from the catalogue, and still get to be in total control of your music catalogue.

All you need to get more fans and followers is to get a good music distributor. They will help you sell your music on iTunes, Tik Tok, Tidal, Spotify, and so on. You can see yourself touring much more when you link up with an established music distributor.

Music distribution services for signed artists

Artists that have been signed to a major record label can still leverage the wide network of a music distributor to further expand their music fan bases at various locations of the globe. As a signed artist who tours regularly, your fans and followers online and from various parts of the world will be looking for ways to support your music.

Apart from seeing your live shows and concerts, they can also support you by streaming and downloading your music content. This is why you need a widely connected music distributor to help get your music on any streaming platform or music store. This will help your fans and followers to easily get your music tracks for easy streaming and downloads. A good distribution service will charge a minimal fee to help get your music on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, and many other online services.

Getting paid for your music tracks

A reliable and reputable music distributor will ensure that you get every penny from every track that you sell. Many music distributors have an established system for sending royalties and proceeds from music sales to the artists regardless of wherever they are in the world. They get to have their money. Moreover, artists that have been paid successfully will also be given a report on the royalty payment to help them understand the payment of process.