Myths and Misconceptions About CBD and THC

If you are someone who reads the news and online articles regularly then you might have read both good and bad news about THC and CBD. You might be wondering what is true and what is actually not true. Not only you, but many people have a lot of questions about them. You are going to find an answer to most of your questions in this post.  You will also learn about some myths and misconceptions about CBD and THC.

Before discussing the myths and misconceptions, here are some popular CBD products on the market. They are CBD gummies, CBD vape oils, CBD oils, and CBD creams. People with sweet teeth mostly choose the gummies. However, what you need to know before choosing gummies is that they contain low CBD content. CBD oil contains more CBD. Hence, if you are looking for stronger effects choose thc öl or THC oil.


  • Myth-1: CBD Cures Cancer.

There are a lot of misleading statements everywhere about CBD and Cancer. The fact here is CBD cannot cure cancer. According to experts, CBD can only reduce the severity of the cancer treatment symptoms like hair fall, etc.

  • Myth-2: THC is not psychoactive.

THC is a psychoactive compound and it can make you feel very high. THC is also addictive. Many people think that THC is a non-psychoactive compound and uses it. Remember that, using products with more than 0.3% THC is mostly illegal in majority of the countries across the world. THC shows up in the drug test as well if you are a regular user.

  • Myth-3: CBD converts into THC in the stomach.

Many people are afraid of using CBD thinking that it converts into THC in their stomach. What they need to understand here is CBD and THC is two different components. Most of the CBD products, which you find on the market these days, contain a negligible amount of THC, which is perfectly safe for intake. You can also find THC-free CBD products as well on the market.

  • Mynth-4: CBD works better when you take low doses.

CBD dosage differs from individual to individual. Moreover, the dosage always depends on age, weight, health condition, and gender. In most cases, physicians recommend low dosage to women compared to men. Taking either a low dosage or a high dosage doesn’t help you. Make sure that you use the dosage which is recommended by your doctor only to experience its various health benefits.

  • Myth-5: CBD is a psychoactive compound.


CBD is not a psychoactive compound as many of you think. There is one more point which you have to understand here. CBD from hemp is very much safe to use. It is the Marijuana CBD that is not safe to use.

  • Myth-6: CBD can cause several side effects.

If you use the right CBD dosage then you will not experience any side-effects mostly. You will experience side effects only when you abuse CBD or when you use it with other medications.

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