Beginners Guide to PPC Automation and Different Strategies

Everything becomes easier when technology interferes with it. Take, for instance, advertising. Back in the day, advertising on TVs and banners was a hectic task and the returns were minimal because they targeted everyone. it was like firing in the dark and expecting to hit the bull’s eye. Since the wake of the new era of technology, internet marketing has supplanted conventional ways. Then again, internet marketing was made easier and more effective by automation.

Automation tools have proven to be a very effective tool for saving invaluable time and making your ads better and more aligned with the customer’s needs.

One of the best PPC Reporting Tools is PrimoNavi. It was started in 2013 and today, it is globally recognised as one of the best tools for PPC automation. it is trusted by over 8000 clients from over 54 countries all over the world. Its key features like keyword wrapper and planner, analytics dashboard, campaigns optimization, etc. make it the best choice.

Benefits of automation of PPC

Before we jump onto the benefits of PPC, you must understand what it means. PPC optimisation is essentially the confluence of technology, AI and machine learning to elevate your SEM. Since there is a huge number of a network available, managing them becomes humanly impossible. Here is where automation comes into play.

The benefits of automation are:

  • Bid management- PPC automation manages the bidding for your campaigns with astonishing accuracy and a great degree of profitability.
  • Ad and creative copy- it comes very handy in the case of large accounts with a huge number of ad groups. Automation allows you to optimise the ad based on data feeds.
  • Reporting- you can get the data whenever you need it. You can easily generate insights and make an informed decision without messing with large chunks of data.

Automation does not mean ignorance

It can be very tempting to let the automation software work its magic while you relax on your lounge or perhaps take a nap. While it is very desirable, it is a bad idea and an invitation to disaster. Just like humans, machines are fallible too. Since they work based on an algorithm, they will always make decisions based on logic.

The qualitative context can be missing from their decisions. And since the atomization process is very fast, if something goes wrong, a lot can go wrong very quickly. This is the reason why it is always advisable to keep a close watch on how things are unfolding and how the tool is functioning, especially in the initial days.

Boosting your results with automation of bid

Having a cleverly carved out strategy can increase your profitability drastically. Bid management is a mammoth task and that is why it is the core function of the bid automation tools. There are different types of automated bidding strategies some focus on maximizing clicks, others focus on maximizing conversions.


PPC conversion can be a game-changer in your business provided that you assume the right strategy.